How to Start a Successful Blog in 2021

5 Min | How to Become a Blogger/Website | 2021 | How to Start Blogging 2021

 Are you want to become a blogger, Website maker and all so that's why you are here welcome in this article and i hope you like this some information about the one Blogger and Website maker. So in this article i'll cover about the How to become a Blogger are you guys ready to learn something new about the blogging and Website. Know more about the Internet, Relationship, Lifestyle and fitness welcome another time to you readers. 

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You know what, How to become a Blogger? 

How to become a blogger that's why first one we need to make our personal Website or blog right. So let's start in the beginning. 

How to make Website? 

You guys make website by using BloggerWix or Wordpress You use any one website for the make your Blog, Website. Above some 3 Sites are completely free website to making blog help. By using this website you write blog and published it Okay. 

But the According to me Blogger is always best i suggest you people use Blogger.Com and make you site easily and when you have money you can buy hosting and website URL like a .com, .org, .net, . in etc. There are many domain name available in the Godaddy and other Google also provide website you can buy it very easily and Rank your Website. So below information about the How to make Blog/Website? Step by Step! 

  1. Go to the Google and Search in the Box
  2. Site will be open, Create you Blog click That option. 
  3. Than login with e-mail and password and new interface comes in you window.
  4. Than you give display name, Website name, also About you name give.
  5. Completely done with the making Blog and than you write a post.
  6. Click the New Post and start writing new post click on plus symbol. 
  7. If you are not understand Go to the YouTube and search how to make blog/ Website?

Anyone know about the Blog and website that's why i don't tell in details, But if you want in step by step with images with details you can Easily comment in the below, I'll tell everything about the Blog.

After know about the everything about the Blogging so next is Template which template is the best for the Website so Given below link click it and download the Blogger Responsive Template and join with the Blogger website. 

Template is given all you but you need to customise the Template, When you customise your template and given neatly navigation and all that can visitors comes in you Website and than you earn money. So remember that People. 

Buy Domain and Hosting after a 15 Post and Template. 

Buy domain, hosting, privacy protection. Because of the if you earn money by the Google Adsense you buy one Domain and hosting. Google Adsense Approval need to the Responsive Template, Pages, Domain it's need to the Approval of Website or blog.

Click above link and get some knowledge about the Adsense approval. Domain and hosting you can buy some money and GoDaddy and other website and available but the still according to me GoDaddy is always best. You can buy and joined domain and hosting with you website. 


Content is king, Queen all that everything is content is an Blogger. Starter blogger of other blogger remember one thing is this blogging field is content. 

When you write quality content and more than 1000 words use quality words that can your blog/ Website is rank on Google and make money more than that.


In this Blogging field, every people knows better when your blog monetise than you earn money not before any money is there so remember that.

In the Blogging Field Google Adsense is need to earn money. 


If blog have traffic than make money if you are on the approval Google Adsense in not only when you want to earn money first remember on thing first concentrate on the Traffic. Increase traffic first and than apply for monetisation Google Adsense. 

Make Pages 

After a design, Responsive template, Domain and hosting than must want to create your some pages in this pages below add pages.
  • Privacy Policy 
  • Disclaimer 
  • About us 
  • Contact us etc.
Make pages and get Google Adsense Approval. 

You know what, Blogging have lot's of money but there is need patience, talent, writing, quality, content and all here in this field want. So guys remember you have to survive in the internet you must remember that thing Okay. I hope you guys understand How to Become Blogger/ Website. 

Conclusion-  In this article i'm tell about the How to Become a Blogger? I hope you guys read till the end you like it this Blog. Share Link with your friend, Blogging lover and other people. They want to start business. 

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