Who is the owner of Microsoft company and which country is Microsoft company?

 Today in this article we are going to know that who is the owner of Microsoft company and which country's company is Microsoft company? Maybe you people will know about this but many people don't know.

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Who is the Owner of Microsoft Company?

About Microsoft Company 

Microsoft is a big company, this company works in the field of computer engineering, and the branches of Microsoft company are located in more than 100 countries and more than 70,000 people work in Microsoft company.

Microsoft company earns more than $ 61 billion in the whole year, this Microsoft company is dominated all over the world.

The headquarters of the Microsoft company is in Redmond, Washington and the United States and this company was founded by Bill Gates on 4 April 1975 under the name Disk Operating System and today Bill Gates comes in the richest people.

Questions and Their Answers 

There are many questions in the mind of people about Microsoft, whose answers are not known, but below I am giving you the answers to all the questions related to Microsoft, which you must read till the end.

N1) Microsoft is the owner of the company?

Ans- Bill Gates 

N2) Which country's company is Microsoft?

Ans- Microsoft is a US country company. 

N3) When was Microsoft founded?

Ans- Microsoft was founded on 4 April 1975. 

N4) Where was the establishment of Microsoft?

Ans- Microsoft was founded in Mexico, United States of America.

N5) Where is the headquarters of Microsoft? 

Ans- Microsoft is headquartered in Redmond, Washington, and the United States.

N6) Who is the CEO of Microsoft? 

Ans- Satya Nadella ( 4 February 2014) 

I hope you have got all the questions related to your Microsoft company and the answers to those questions here, and you must have liked this article. You can get the update of the article. 

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