How to make Windows Laptop and Computer 10 times Faster?


How to make Widows Laptop and Computer 10 times Faster? , Make your PC faster, Improve PC performance

Hello and welcome back to another article and the name of the article topic is "How to make Windows Laptop and Computer 10 times Faster? ? " More people have questions about that topic and that's why I share this information with you, please read this article till its end and learn about Laptop and computer. 

We always talk related to some other topic, so if something new is created today, then what will we do today, it is okay to talk about how to increase laptop and computer processing speed today.

And in today's article I am going to give laptop and computer-related tips and tricks and whatever I am going to tell, if you do that thing with your laptop and computer, then I can say with certainty that the speed of your laptop computer will increase by 40%. If you go, then definitely read further and do everything practical by doing this with me, the speed of your device will definitely increase.

So, Let's turn to our Topic, Read the following points and follow them. 

Power Mode

See, when you open your laptop or computer, what is your power mode, it is sometimes efficiency, balance, performance, and different modes, so on the other hand you have to keep it on performance mode when it is on charging.

When you are out somewhere and there is no charger for the laptop and there is some work and want to save battery then you should put it on battery saver mode.


Startup Programme 

Now let's talk about the second point, the second point is the startup program. If your processing has become slow, then you must check the startup program once and see which programs are running in the background.

So what is there in the startup program that if which program will not be of any use to you, then you delete it so that your laptop, computer speed can be boosted?

If you install any new software, then it goes to startup, then it has to be checked once that which program is of our use and which software is not of use, a performance due to having an unuseful program in this startup program has an impact on.

Keep only a few programs in the startup program which are of your use and which you use a lot.



Now let's talk about files, now storage has increased a lot, take laptop, mobile or computer, storage is more, sometimes old files that are there become harmful and its effect on the performance of your device. It happens.

So what you have to do is that you delete the files which are old and are of no use so that the performance of your device can be improved.

Some files are of very big size and they do not have any work, so what you have to do is to delete whatever is of no use, you have to delete all that is of no use.


Delete Browsing History 

If Google uses more, all browsing history should be deleted so that performance will improve. History too.

When there is more history in the laptop, the computer then performance is also affected, then it is a good idea to delete browsing history.


Backup Your All Data and Reset 

So let's talk about backup, if the speed of your laptop computer has become very slow, then you need to reset your device, for this it is very important to have external device storage so that you can store all your data in it. 

After reset, all the data gets deleted, some of our data is important, many useful files, images, videos, etc. All the useful things are saved in laptop, computer and suddenly resetting all our data will be gone, for this take backup. very important.


Windows Update 

Jake once an update is available in the setting or not, he must check once, and if there is an update, then definitely update your laptop and computer.

In the update, many things become clear, such as storage and you can also take advantage of the new features that come.


Restart Your Device 

After all, after following all the above points, once my device is restarted, what is the use of it that whatever has been updated, there are new features that have to be deleted, all the device controls and your computer starts again like new. 

By restarting, the memory and background programs that are running can fix everything from the restart.

Yes but remember it is very important to restart after everything is done. 


Resource Monitor 

And the biggest thing is that we all use Google chrome, but do you know that Google Chrome is the most hungry, if you go to the resource monitor and see, then most of the chrome icons will be visible there, so you will know. You can guess how much processing this chrome takes.

Have a little control over google chrome if you want to improve the speed of your device, if you use chrome more then I would suggest you use another browser, indeed I google chrome takes too much CPU and ram If so, you have to remember this.

And if your ram will work then change it and get a new ram if 4GB ram then takes 8GB and if 8GB then takes 16GB. Upgrade the RAM, this will increase the processing and your device will start working fast.

Resource Monitor


This article is talking about "How to make Windows Laptop and Computer 10 times Faster? . Sometimes our Laptop and Computer is working very slow and that's why above points to improve device processing. 

I hope so this article is you people get helpful and informative, if this article you get helpful please share the article link with your people, spread love and Happiness. 

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