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Google is a big search engine and if your topic-related search on Google there are many results in front of you, Right? But you know what behind the scene their more bloggers write there post and Google chooses one article and rank on the First page on Google.

So today in this article I’m going to share with you which ranking factors resulted in a page of ranking. Google best choose one and rank on the first page on Google, If you think quantity matters but still Google say “Quality and quantity both matter” but Google highly recommended quality because seriously according to me “Quality always matters”.

People highly search in short right and Google gives results in detail. If you have the best article with SEO, Content quality, Content Quantity, keywords, Meta tags, Meta description definitely your article is rank on Google search engine the first page.

Which factors resulted in a page/article of Ranking? Below all Factors are given read till it ends to learn about that.


Remember first thing always Content matters, without content you can’t your article rank on the first page. If you’re article too small no details only simply write about basic things so sorry your content/ article has no rank on Google.

According to my personal experience, when you do not write long and quality plus unique articles you can’t any article rank on Google. Not only this thing Google reads your article after that takes a decision article rank or not, so always remember “Content is king every time, Okay”.

Keywords matching

In the article “What is Keyword” Always remember the first thing, write an article related to the keyword. If your keyword is based on Technology so after publishing the article first copy that Keyword and search on Google “How many results are there” If there are more results so try to write long keywords like “in 2021, In details, etc.”

In Short Note- Try to write long keywords, Use keywords 6-7 times in one post

In the below write section Keywords and use all related keywords in one line after that you can publish your article, When people search any related keyword so after Google read your article if there is more better information pick up article rank on Google search engine the first page.

If any people search related your article and you exactly better place keyword so there is people have more chance to visit your article and it is a good impression.

Better Link building

Build links with another blogger, if you have a blog and you are a friend also doing blogging so you exchange your links.

While writing any blog post (Article) in-between place links related to any words. Like if you write a post about Blogging and there is one word is Why Google gives Ads limit and you have already post with Ads limit so select ads limit and place their link.

Link building is the best always, Backlink is also best for the increasing website traffic and website domain and page authority. If you are a friend and you both doing blogging and there is also the chance to guest posting there is created perfect backlink and traffic also convert here from your website/blog.

Search related terms

If your blog/website provides information about Blogging, SEO, Social media so Google provide your website only those visitors who has interested in this type of search, Got it?

So, Remember your blog create better pages with location and write responsive which type your write blog post (Articles) with your contact details and all that clear and clean make your pages. Google read also pages and also read which type of information you provide on your blog/website, all that.

Local relevance

 Google also read local relevance, If you belong from India in Mumbai ( Bandra) and write perfect article and publish with a location so in that particular area, and visitors search article area wise so your article in front of these peoples.

Google also looks at factors like language which language you Search on Google that wise Google rank articles as well as based on the country and the location there is your content delivered in your area. For example, if you search on Google, “Best Internet providers near me” So if you write your article in this topic with best internet broadband providers so more visitors visit your blog/website.

User-Friendly template

Template always matters in this blogging Okay remember always this thing. If you’re website user friendly so definitely your articles rank on Google's first page on Top.

After buying all precautions are read after that buy template, user friendly or not, Adsense friendly or all things, But the template depend on what are you doing on the website e.g. Affiliate, join other Ads networks etc.

Not only the PC, Tab also template mobile friendly too, Because you know more than people visit from mobile phones even everything people using mobile for the collecting information, Figure out?

Page Loading Speed

Also, there is page loading is also matters in Blogging. If any user get your article and there is need more than time (Good Internet, But get more loading time) so visitors leave from their website, so remember page loading speed also always matters.

What do we do for better website loading speed?

Ans- Choose a better template, Don’t use a free template, use buy templates, On the internet, more websites provide more templates different-different styles, Choose one and set it up on your website.

According to me your blog/website average in the 4-5 seconds load in your mobile phone, But also there is an average website response time is 10 seconds, Don’t worry it’s easy Okay you can do it.

Research best theme and best page loading speed template choose and buy.

Domain and URL Authority

Please, check your domain and URL authority. Domain and URL authority matter in SEO. Yes, If you’re a starter blogger there need to write content, slowly-slowly your content is also viral and increases page authority. But now the main question is How to check domain and URL authority, Right? You have also doubt, I think but don’t worry read below

Go by using this Link- Website Authority Checker  


In the above image, step1 and step are given paste your website domain URL and click "Check Website Authority". Now you got all about your domain Authority, Okay! 

Alexa Ranking

Alexa Ranking also matters, Alexa is the ranking checker. More websites whole worldwide and Alexa says How popular is your website with How many are your rank Website? 

Alexa is the perfect rank check, But the now main question is How to check Alexa Ranking, Right? So don't worry guys, I'm here for you Only. 

S1) Extension of Alexa Ranking checker- Extension Alexa Traffic Rank  By using this link go and Click the "Add to Chrome" option, As you can see in the below screenshot.


S2) Now in after Add this Alexa rank extension, See in the corner there is an icon present, Okay. 

S3) Now you can open your website on your screen and after fully completely loaded click the "Alexa Traffic Rank Icon" and see what website ranking is, As you can see in the below screenshot. 

Alexa Ranking 


Which factors article/Pages rank on the first page on Google search engine, Provide all information above this topic there are many factors but still, I’ll cover some easy, simple, and fast factors.

Hope so you people understand which factors are important to rank your article and page on Google search engine first page on Top. If this information you people get helpful and informative so shares article link with your blogger people and friends.

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