Social Networks ban in India viral news


Social Networks ban in India viral news

From the latest news report Social networks like Twitter, Instagram Facebook WhatsApp Ban in India from the date on 26 May 2021. More possibility is there those social networks ban in India because of deadline is cross already. Today the date 25 is the deadline and from tomorrow date, on 26th May more chances to social networks ban In India. 

Why Social Networks ban In India? 

The Reason is intermediary guidelines not joined with the social so India Ban that social Network In India. Because there are some guidelines companies have to follow.


New Guidelines 

From the central government, social media platforms applied some guidelines when social media companies if those guidelines not applied so India Ban that social Media platforms, Is the viral news today. 

Rules are updated while using the social networks applied some regulations and guidelines for privacy and policy every single people. If those guidelines social network companies did not accept so surely social media are banned. 

The Ministry of electronics and information technology (MEITy) applied those rules and guidelines in February. 

  • Social Media platform for the India Nodal officers, Residents grievance Posted. 
  • Before the 24 hours from the Internet, media remove the Offensive content. 
  • Any related to social media problems prevention before the 15 days. 
  • In between 15 days of prevention of OTT content. 
  • Any complaints related to social media posts deleted/ Removed permanently. 
  • All social media platforms India wants physically addresses. 

Facebook Accept the guidelines 

Viral News says, Facebook Accept government of India guides and follow some rules and activate 

Facebook contact the Indian government to accept the privacy policy, guidelines. 

Twitter said Before the guidelines need take some time maximum of 6 months after that Twitter follows the guidelines. 

Users of Social Media 

Facebook- 5 Billions users 

Twitter- 1 Billions Users 

Instagram- 1 Billions users 

WhatsApp- 5 Billions users 


 According to viral news, the Social Media ban in India is the latest news and trend in Google. You already read this news but still, one more time read this till it ends and learn more about it. 

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