4 Hidden application for students get helpful and informative [ Earn Money source ]


4 Hidden application for students get helpful and informative [ Earn Money source ]

Oops! Finally for our students earn money source applications and review that application in this article. This article made only for students if you're students and finding some application and way to earn money from the Internet so read this article till its end. 

Every single student earns money like pocket money and they people finding a way in Google or YouTube that platform is. There are many ways to earn money but still simple and perfect way students only for you. 

Play stores have more hidden applications and present in front of you applications are very useful for students, Get advantage of this article to earn money to pay college fees or other like pocket money. 

So without wasting time start our Chapter is, Hidden applications for students to earn money. 

Hidden applications 

  1. Notesgen  
  2. GigIndia 
  3. Squad run 
  4. Picxele 

1. Notesgen 

Notesgen Application

Notesgen application is helpful for the students. In this application, if you've notes in any about Subjects any needed person you can share and earn money. 

After you have done your process is sending notes and that person gives you money instead of that note. 

You got more study material on this particular website is Notesgen.com this website provides more study material if you are a student please check out the very informative site and Application is. 

Handwritten notes, Audio-Video notes/Content, E-Books you can provide from this site and you got to. 

Start your learning process like a digital and increase knowledge from that application and websites. 


2. GigIndia 

GigIndia Application

GigIndia provides popular brands and companies in short brands and companies provide Jobs part-time or full time you choose what you want and you can do that.


GigIndia is an application popular for part-time and full-time work especially for students, More students need jobs online or offline in any mode but still need work and earn money. 

GigIndia is a big opportunity to earn money you can download the application and do Part-time or full-time work and earn money. 


  • Part-time 
  • Work from home
  • Paid Internship ( Opportunity) 

3. SquadRun 

SquadRun Application

SquadRun in this application, some tasks given like a game you can complete the tasks and win rewards and earn money. 

You play like a pro and complete the missions and earn money. The moral of the story is work and earn in short. 

After complete the missions and rewards, money depends upon the total number of complete missions. 


4. Picxele

Picxele application


Picxele gives chance to earn money from Survey, Online Research, and Audio and video recording. If you like to record video and audio Picxele application only for you. 

Online surveys and online research earn money if you like to research and learn something new so is this application made only for you to get the advantage of this application. 

Easy to navigate and easy to use. 


  • Survey 
  • Online Research 
  • Audio and video recording


Every student find some new ways to earn money and here in this article all about the 4 application only for made for students only

I think students people have a good chance to earn money check out that 4 application they are trusted you can earn money and invest or other places you can use earned money. 

Hope so this article you people get helpful and information share link with your peoples. 


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