How to Switch WhatsApp Dark theme?

How to Switch WhatsApp Dark Theme? WhatsApp Dark theme, Dark Theme
How to Switch WhatsApp Dark Theme?

 In this "DareDevil Blog" official Website new and fresh article and in this new article learn about the "WhatsApp Dark Theme" Talking about the dark theme. WhatsApp Dark theme is the new update in this official Application. Not only the WhatsApp also there is many application have an update about the dark theme. 

In this article learn about the How to Switch dark theme is WhatsApp. It's simple but there are some steps that you have to follow and switch that particular Dark Theme. 

Below steps you have to follow and switch that Dark Theme. [ How to Switch Dark Theme in WhatsApp]  

1. First Open official interface WhatsApp in your personal Mobile phone. In the corner 3 dots are there click there and follow more steps.

2.  There are more options are there but the "Setting" that is correct option simply one tap in the "Setting" option. 

3. After completing above step than click the "Chats" button. In this Interface many options are there as you can see.
  • Account 
  • Chats ( Select this option)  
  • Notifications 
  • Storage and data 
  • Help 
  • Invite a friend 
As you can see the screenshot.

4. After completing above process than click the "Theme" option.

Wallpaper: Click the below option is Wallpaper and you can change the Chat Wallpaper and photos or colour page you can set and edit easily.

5. Select your choice option there are now three options as you can see the below 

  • System default: When you have new phone next generation so there is in build mobile option is Dark Mode (Night Mode) So this is the System Default. 
  • Light: This normal mode and as you use that mode. You can change mode instead to Dark Mode for the care of eyes.
  • Dark: And Last one is Dark Mode (Night Mode) 

Above all steps are follow and switch perfect theme as you want. Dark mode, light mode or you can choose System default too. That 5 steps are too easy if once you can learn lifetime remember and anytime change and reset. 

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Conclusion: The article is "How to Switch WhatsApp Dark Theme?" Dark theme is the needs to night messaging or chats because of young people use WhatsApp or other social network in whole Night so there is Dark Mode is very useful and that's why Dark Mode is new update in all the social Network. If is this information helpful share it with your peoples. 

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