What is Auto Ads and Manual Ads?


What is Auto Ads and manual Ads?, Auto Ads and Manual Ads, Auto Ads, Manual Ads 2021
What is Auto Ads and Manual Ads?

Are you here for the Auto ads and Manual Ads. If you've  account approved by the Google Adsense. Google adsense is the peoples gives chance to earn money by using content and website. 

If you're write a blog so you know idea about that particular knowledge about the Blogging. How to start blog? If you have know idea so read that article first and again you can read this after the Google Adsense Approval, because of when your website approved by the Google Adsense that can this step is important else you can leave here. 

Auto ads and Manual ads is the name like this auto and Manual. Auto me automatic as you know and manually means there is customisation right? I think you are understand common difference number one Are you okay with this? 

Some people too here for the informational knowledge, they already know about that but learning something so here. All peoples read till the end and learn what are the Difference between Auto Ads and Manual Ads.

What is Auto Ads?

As the above name Auto is the Automatic is the simple but there is also step to start that particular setting How to Set up the Auto Ads. Switch on the Auto Ads is the step to start. 

Auto Ads is Google policy. Auto ads is the responsive ads ever google how is the page means how is responsive blogger template set up easily. Visitors where click that place google auto ads automatically set and easy to click. I suggest as compared to manual ads auto ads too good. 

Responsive, understand easily page structure, auto place and more than many features and advantage of this Auto Ads. 

Auto ads easy to navigate pages and attracted post. 

Is in the Google adsense there also one option is there AMP is the good and google adsense also apply AMP site auto ads too. As you can the Google when something is trending like petrol price so there is news Website and trend and that time in that  website Website domain and that side one symbol like star is the known as AMP. Below are the some benefits of AMP. Read it. 

If there is easy to switch off and switch on auto ads. You can check in the Google Adsense official Account. Check below screenshot.

AMP Benefits:

  • Website Speedy Loaded: Some time website is slowly loading due to virus or shared hosting so there is AMP provide lot's of benefits. But there is you've free responsive template so there is speed level some time too low but it's constant if there is paid template so there is no issue. 

  • Mobile Friendly: If there is apply and approved verify the AMP so anyone open your website so that is mobile friendly ads and responsive template is mobile friendly. AMP is google policy and gives better benefits ever.

  • Capability: AMP have ability to control website and any browser. 

  • Better to Ads and Analytics: Ads and analytics is the important step. When apply ads AMP is control like auto ads and manual too. Every types ads control and analytics is have an AMP. 

  • Website loading period: AMP manage speed if there is speed too low so there is AMP also control in page loading site and fast loading.

  • Adjust any browser: Is this AMP control any browser there is which use the browser there is no issue AMP control all browsers easily.

  • Better to SEO ( Search engine Optimisation): AMP is also benefits in a SEO. For the SEO is the more important step. Yes off course there is content is king but content and verify the AMP is also big benefits to the search engine optimisation. 

What is AMP Full Form?,How it's Look?:  Accelerated Mobile Pages, How it's looks see below screenshot. 

As you see the above image there is clearly AMP symbol highlight is there you see already many websites. 

What is Manual Ads?

As the above name Manual Ads is the customisation it's mean in a world it's not difficult. Manual Ads you can apply when you setting in the Responsive blogger template, template layout there is option available. See the below by the Step how to add gadget manual ads. 

In a Blogger layout click and there is "Add Gadget" Option is available.

When you click the Add Gadget there is pop up and interface in front of you Adsense and many other options are there you can select option "Adsense" and click the corner "+" Symbol and add element. 

As you can see the above image and add Adsense gadget in the website and set up the manual ads. 

Manual Ads is just apply by website builder. Auto ads is best as compared to the Auto ads. But there is also you choose this step too there is also chance to attract visitors click. Customisation is more important in this manual ads where place ads and easy to click that ass.

Conclusion: What is Auto Ads and Manual Ads? All information related to that all in written above when you read i hope so all information is helpful to you peoples. Share the article and Learn more about the Blogging.

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