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If you have no idea about the how to PC capture screenshot so you can comes in this website and it's explain how to PC Capture Screenshot. I Have two ways to Capture Screenshot easily i hope you guys like it. 

I know we have any work and easy step save to any data and that can we want to know about Screenshot and you have laptop and you don't know how to capture screenshot so it's articles write only for you guys. You like that share the blog link with you friends circle or whatever but Please share. I hope so you can Share it with. 

So let's get start to our main article. 

So there is 2 ways to capture screenshot very easily. If you know and some don't know about this that can i'll share my knowledge with us people. So Read carefully and try on PC capture the screenshot. Let's start. 

1st Way 

By using Snipping Tool you can capture screenshot on your PC and It's very easy and here i'll explain easy by image and image i hope you understand.

1. Open your PC And you see windows button and at that side " Type here to search" Option is there.

2. Search there "Snipping Tool" and click on " Enter" key easily.

3. If you are search there Snipping Tool then show next interface be like below image available.

4. And than you have small box interface and you click the "New" Button and select which part you capture and select this part.

5. Selected part you've to save then Click the "File" Button and below you got many options below.

6. But you click the "Save As" button and which you give name that screenshot you give easily and press "Enter" Button and save your Disk.

I hope it's small Information you guys like it hope you share it with you parents also.Now i share 2 way to capture Screenshot. Let's start.

2nd  Way 

It's the magic of simple key but there is no selected part you are capture full page you capture is that okay. Shortcut key available for this way.

Alt + PrtScr  - Screenshot 

Alt as well as your keyboard PrtScr Option press you have capture the screenshot and save in your memory. 

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